Lazell Parfums

The eau de toilette and eau de parfum by LAZELL are made for customers who value high quality and eye-catching design of products at an affordable price. The conscientiously selected composition of their components ensure the lastingness of fragrances. All is enclosed in elegant bottles. For production we make use of conscientiously selected raw materials and packaging, which guarantee the excellent quality of our final products. As we consistently strive to meet the expectations of our current and future customers, our products have become increasingly popular not only in Poland, but also in numerous foreign markets. LAZELL is our registered trademark.

Wybierz Lazell

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High quality at an affordable price

Conscientiously selected components + high-quality packaging + attractive price

A wide range of products

A broad offer of fragrances for women and men in the following volumes: 100 ml, 50 ml, 33 ml.

Strong export

Sales on 22 export markets.

Fragrance compositions from France and Spain

Fragrance compositions from the reputable European suppliers only.