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    • Deo Amazing

      AMAZING is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection of eau de parfum for women. An abundant composition of conscientiously selected fragrances guarantees unique experience, adds sensuality and chic. Ideal for mature, self-confident and self-esteemed women.
    • Deo Aqua

      AQUA is a distinct, yet delicate and fresh fragrance. Its light turquoise colour brings to mind water, summer and freedom. This is an abundant composition of aromas created for attractive, sensual women who enjoy nature.
    • Deo Black Onyx

      BLACK ONYX is an invigorating, oriental fragrance, recommended for evenings and special occasions. The characteristic composition of fruity notes, hints of jasmine, coffee, vanilla and cedar was created for elegant and sensual yet self-confident and energetic women.
    • Deo LPNF Pink

      LPNF PINK is a summer, fruit and flower product for sensual and energetic women. The composition brings back the memories of summer, sun and fruit. Sweet notes of fruit and flowers combined with wooden aromas create a composition which nobody will pass by indifferently.
    • Deo Night Bloom

      NIGHT BLOOM – thanks to the unique combination of oriental and floral notes an extraordinary composition dedicated to mysterious and sensual women was created. A fragrance suitable both for everyday and special occasions.
    • Deo Prestige

      PRESTIGE is one of the most popular Lazell fragrances for women. Its conscientiously selected fragrances create an exceptionally subtle and sensual composition, which attracts glamorous, self-confident and self-esteemed women.
    • Deo Princess

      PRINCESS 3 is a unquestionable leader in the Lazell fragrance collection for women. Exotic fruit essences combined with musk and sandalwood create a unique composition dedicated to attractive, delicate, and sensual women.
    • Deo Spring

      SPRING is a unique combination of classics and modernity. A distinctive combination of fruity notes, white flowers, musk and vanilla gives the fragrance its depth and sensuality. Ideal for women looking for a fragrance which expresses their personality, adding chic and elegance.

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