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    • $ for Men

      $ for MEN is by far the most popular fragrance for men in the Lazell collection. Exceptionally stylish and expressive composition, perfect for a confident man who consistently pursues his goals. Provided with a conscientiously selected blend of spicy notes and accents of orange, rose and amber.  
    • $ Next

      $ NEXT is a fragrance for a strong and experienced man. Its refined masculine composition is a combination of citrus, rose and forest notes. All is filled with sensuality and freshness. This fragrance is dedicated to active, bold and life-enjoying men.
    • $ VIP

      $ VIP is one of the latest fragrances in the LAZELL collection. Its distinctive notes of cinnamon, mandarin and tobacco create a unique, personality-emphasizing composition ideal for a strong and elegant man.
    • 33 ml mix on a display + testers

      33 ml products are also available on the display with testers. Packing way: 4 fragrances x 5 pieces each + tester for each fragrance. It is also possible to prepare a mix of products according to the customer’s preferences – from all 33ml products selected by the client from the Lazell offer.
    • Aqua Him

      AQUA HIM is an ideal composition of citrus, floral and marine notes based on musk, jasmine and cedar. Intensive and sophisticated offer for a sensual and confident man, who consistently pursues their goal and – through the fragrance – expresses his personality
    • Aqua HIM Black

      AQUA HIM BLACK is an energetic fragrance dedicated to a free and joyful man. Sea, rosemary and sage notes based on incense and patchouli create a unique character of this composition. This is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection for men.
    • Breeze

      BREEZE is a fragrance created for men who are self-confident and persistently pursuing their goal. Citrus notes based on amber create a specific composition and give the fragrance a sophisticated, masculine style. They bring back memories of summer wind, freedom, sun and water.  
    • Champion

      CHAMPION is the essence of men's style. A combination of sea, jasmine, amber and guava wood notes forms the perfect fragrance for men who like competing and winning.
    • Dragon

      DRAGON is a deep and energising fragrance for men. Rosewood and amber aromas enclosed in its basic notes and emphasised by spices and lemon create a composition dedicated to a strong, brave and self-confident man.  
    • Elite Night

      ELITE NIGHT MEN is one of the most popular male fragrances in the LAZELL collection. Created for men who consider it important to emphasize their chic and elegant with the right fragrance. A combination of fruit, flower and wood notes forms the ideal composition to meet these requirements.  
    • Elite P.I.N.

      ELITE P.I.N. is a combination of classics and modernity. Distinctive notes of lemon, guaiac wood, aniseed, leather and tobacco provide the fragrance with profundity and sensuality. This composition is ideal for men with a strong character who want to express their personality with the right fragrance.  
    • Elite P.I.N. Sport

      ELITE P.I.N. SPORT is a fragrance for men who are trendy, also in perfumeries. Clearly discernible notes of mandarin, mint, ginger, rosemary and grass create an attractive and very durable composition.  
    • Essell Clasic

      ESSELL CLASIC is a product for strong and courageous men. Distinct aromas of cedar, mahogany and sandalwood create a stylish fragrance for both day-to-day use and evenings out.
    • Feromo

      FEROMO is a fragrance which combines delicacy with masculinity and temperament. It is based on musk, leather and amber, and complemented by floral and woody notes. Perfect product for every man for every occasion.
    • Gentlemen Sport

      GENTLEMEN SPORT is offered for consistent and uncompromising men who value sport and fair-play principles. A combination of citrus, wood and spice tones creates a unique but stylish composition.  
    • Good Look

      GOOD LOOK is a fragrance dedicated to active and dynamic men. Through its refined combination of citrus, vanilla, musk and amber aromas, we have created an extremely sensual and refreshing fragrance.
    • Grossier

      GROSSIER is a niche fragrance for elegant and self-confident men. A composition of its seemingly contrasting aromas provides long-lasting effects of freshness and uniqueness. Ideal for men who want to emphasize their personality with the right fragrance.
    • Platinium Sport

      PLATINIUM SPORT is a fresh and outstanding fragrance. A distinctive blend of contrasting citrus, amber and water notes creates the fragrance for men of all ages for every occasion.
    • Sentimential

      SENTIMENTIAL is so discreet as it is emphatic. Thanks to the setting of subtle fruity and rose notes based on sandalwood and patchouli, we have created a composition which is ideal for every day for men who know their strengths.
    • Unique

      UNIQUE, as its name implies, is an exceptional and unique fragrance. This is a seductive composition of spicy, citrus, floral and woody aromas enclosed in an unpretentious bottle. The perfect choice for men who focus on sensuality and style.
    • White Line

      WHITE LINE is by far one of the most popular fragrances for men in the Lazell collection. Cedar, cardamom and tuberose aromas will express the personality of each and every man. This fragrance was made for men who value freedom and look for new challenges.  

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