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    • $ for Men

      $ for MEN is by far the most popular fragrance for men in the Lazell collection. Exceptionally stylish and expressive composition, perfect for a confident man who consistently pursues his goals. Provided with a conscientiously selected blend of spicy notes and accents of orange, rose and amber.  
    • $ Next

      $ NEXT is a fragrance for a strong and experienced man. Its refined masculine composition is a combination of citrus, rose and forest notes. All is filled with sensuality and freshness. This fragrance is dedicated to active, bold and life-enjoying men.
    • $ VIP

      $ VIP is one of the latest fragrances in the LAZELL collection. Its distinctive notes of cinnamon, mandarin and tobacco create a unique, personality-emphasizing composition ideal for a strong and elegant man.
    • 33 ml mix on a display + testers

      33 ml products are also available on the display with testers. Packing way: 4 fragrances x 5 pieces each + tester for each fragrance. It is also possible to prepare a mix of products according to the customer’s preferences – from all 33ml products selected by the client from the Lazell offer.
    • Aqua Him

      AQUA HIM is an ideal composition of citrus, floral and marine notes based on musk, jasmine and cedar. Intensive and sophisticated offer for a sensual and confident man, who consistently pursues their goal and – through the fragrance – expresses his personality
    • Aqua HIM Black

      AQUA HIM BLACK is an energetic fragrance dedicated to a free and joyful man. Sea, rosemary and sage notes based on incense and patchouli create a unique character of this composition. This is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection for men.
    • Breeze

      BREEZE is a fragrance created for men who are self-confident and persistently pursuing their goal. Citrus notes based on amber create a specific composition and give the fragrance a sophisticated, masculine style. They bring back memories of summer wind, freedom, sun and water.  
    • Champion

      CHAMPION is the essence of men's style. A combination of sea, jasmine, amber and guava wood notes forms the perfect fragrance for men who like competing and winning.

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