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    • A La Mode

      A LA MODE is an extremely sophisticated and seductive fragrance. The intense notes of white flowers, combined with moss and sandalwood, create a unique composition that no man can pass by indifferently. The perfect choice for evenings out.
    • Amazing

      AMAZING is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection of eau de parfum for women. An abundant composition of conscientiously selected fragrances guarantees unique experience, adds sensuality and chic. Ideal for mature, self-confident and self-esteemed women.
    • Aqua

      AQUA is a distinct, yet delicate and fresh fragrance. Its light turquoise colour brings to mind water, summer and freedom. This is an abundant composition of aromas created for attractive, sensual women who enjoy nature.
    • Balmi

      BALMI is a fragrance composed for modern, delicate and elegant women. A combination of floral aromas, hints of vanilla, amber and sandalwood contained in an elegant bottle. The right fragrance for every occasion and season.
    • Beautiful Perfume

      BEAUTIFUL is a luxurious and extremely durable composition of fruit and flower aromas accurately mixed with chocolate, vanilla and patchouli essences. This fragrance was created for women with smiling energy who make the most of life.
    • Black Onyx

      BLACK ONYX is an invigorating, oriental fragrance, recommended for evenings and special occasions. The characteristic composition of fruity notes, hints of jasmine, coffee, vanilla and cedar was created for elegant and sensual yet self-confident and energetic women. All is enclosed in a plain, but very elegant bottle.
    • Blue Day

      BLUE DAY is an energising summer perfume for women of all ages. Lemon-floral notes based on musk, amber and cedar ensure long-lasting effects of freshness and refreshment. Ideal for women who are active and consistently pursue their dreams and passions.
    • Camellia Flamenco

      CAMELLIA FLAMENCO FOR YOU is a fresh and energizing fragrance that combines feminine notes of floral, amber and vanilla with the aromas of musk and vetiver often found in men's fragrances. The wealth of aromas closed in a minimalist bottle dedicated to active and independent women.
    • Capree Rokk

      CAPREE ROKK is a summer fruitful product for sensual and modern women. The composition is enclosed in an eye-catching, colourful bottle, bringing back the memory of summer, sun and dancing. Intense notes of exotic fruit combined with musk and sandalwood create a composition that no one can pass by indifferently.
    • Colore Femmes

      COLORE FEMMES is a delicate but elegant fragrance for romantic and sensual women. The depth and style of this fragrance is enhanced by some floral and fruity aromas, which are further strengthened by musk and cedar essence. The right fragrance for every occasion and every time of the day.
    • Dominate

      DOMINATE is a mysterious and elegant product for women who wish to express their sensuality with the right fragrance. The perfume gains its unique character thanks to selected fruit and flower notes based on sandalwood, amber, musk and seasoned with oriental spices. The ideal fragrance for evenings out.
    • Elite P.I.N.

      ELITE P.I.N. is a mysterious and captivating fragrance, the perfect option for casual use and evenings out. The depth and sensuality of this fragrance is enhanced by the stylish combination of floral and fruity notes with honey, vanilla and sandalwood.
    • Gold Madame

      GOLD MADAME is an excellent product for women who value luxury and style. Distinctly discernible floral and raspberry tones, combined with sweet honey, create a subtle composition for each and every occasion. Ideal for women who want to emphasize their chic and elegant elegance with the right fragrance.
    • Great Tea

      GREAT TEA is a characteristic fragrance associated with summer and freedom. Its abundant composition of essences gives the effect of freshness and lightness. This fragrance is dedicated to active women, boldly pursuing their targets and looking for refreshing and energising fragrances.
    • Kati Cherry

      KATI CHERRY is a sensual and mysterious fragrance, ideal for every-day use as well as for evenings out. The depth of its aroma is accentuated by an unusual combination of seemingly mutually-exclusive sweet and bitter notes. Dedicated to women seeking bits of chic and luxury in the fragrance.
    • Lazell for Women

      LAZELL FOR WOMEN is a distinctive combination of delicate floral notes with a strong aroma of cedar, incense and sandalwood. This fragrance was created for self-confident women who consistently pursue their dreams. It goes well in any situation, at any time of the day.

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