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    • $ for Men

      $ for MEN is by far the most popular fragrance for men in the Lazell collection. Exceptionally stylish and expressive composition, perfect for a confident man who consistently pursues his goals. Provided with a conscientiously selected blend of spicy notes and accents of orange, rose and amber.  
    • $ Next

      $ NEXT is a fragrance for a strong and experienced man. Its refined masculine composition is a combination of citrus, rose and forest notes. All is filled with sensuality and freshness. This fragrance is dedicated to active, bold and life-enjoying men.
    • $ VIP

      $ VIP is one of the latest fragrances in the LAZELL collection. Its distinctive notes of cinnamon, mandarin and tobacco create a unique, personality-emphasizing composition ideal for a strong and elegant man.
    • Amazing

      AMAZING is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection of eau de parfum for women. An abundant composition of conscientiously selected fragrances guarantees unique experience, adds sensuality and chic. Ideal for mature, self-confident and self-esteemed women.
    • Aqua Him

      AQUA HIM is an ideal composition of citrus, floral and marine notes based on musk, jasmine and cedar. Intensive and sophisticated offer for a sensual and confident man, who consistently pursues their goal and – through the fragrance – expresses his personality
    • Aqua HIM Black

      AQUA HIM BLACK is an energetic fragrance dedicated to a free and joyful man. Sea, rosemary and sage notes based on incense and patchouli create a unique character of this composition. This is one of the most popular fragrances in the Lazell collection for men.
    • Beautiful Perfume

      BEAUTIFUL is a luxurious and extremely durable composition of fruit and flower aromas accurately mixed with chocolate, vanilla and patchouli essences. This fragrance was created for women with smiling energy who make the most of life.
    • Black Onyx

      BLACK ONYX is an invigorating, oriental fragrance, recommended for evenings and special occasions. The characteristic composition of fruity notes, hints of jasmine, coffee, vanilla and cedar was created for elegant and sensual yet self-confident and energetic women. All is enclosed in a plain, but very elegant bottle.

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